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Rosetta Stone, the app that won the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award 2014 and Users' Choice in the Tabby Awards 2014, brings you over 20 different languages in which you can achieve, at the very least, a basic level.

With this personal trainer you'll be able to improve your knowledge of any language on the list or start with a new language from scratch.

Rosetta Stone lets you carry out all kinds of exercises to help improve different aspect of each language, such as vocabulary, spelling, verb tenses, and even pronunciation, thanks to its voice-recognition software.

Because your progress syncs across all your devices, you can continue your studies from anywhere, improving your level with each new exercise you complete.

Start learning Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese today using this practical app in which daily practice is fundamental to your progress.
The best language learning apps

One thing is for sure, the best way to learn a language is to start speaking it. If you're looking for something to complement this kind of natural learning, these apps are study tools to help you retain what you've already learned and start talking. This article is all about some of the best language learning Android apps out there. We've come up with a mixed bunch, after going over everything from databases full of grammar to collaborative platforms that help you improve your pronunciation. Here are the results.
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